Month: March 2022

Celebrating Our War Dogs

Celebrating Our War Dogs for National K9 Vet Day

Not all of our greatest heroes were human. Some of the greatest war heroes who ever lived walked on four paws. These heroic pups and pooches have been providing tactical and emotional support to our soldiers, sailors, and airmen for as long as the Armed Forces have existed. This March 13th, we celebrate some of the canine companions who came through under fire.


When you think of the world’s greatest war dogs, you’re probably imagining a massive rottweiler or pitbull ripping out throats behind enemy lines. You probably don’t envision a dog small enough to easily fit inside a soldier’s helmet. But during WWII, a tiny Yorkie named Smoky became a bonafide American hero. After being found by Corporal William Wynne while he was stationed in New Guinea, Smoky went on to be a veteran and survivor of over 150 air raids. This 4-pound pooch’s biggest accomplishment came during a mission where engineers had to run a telegraph wire through an incredibly narrow tube. Doing so would have required military engineers to spend days digging in the middle of enemy territory. Who knows how many lives would have been lost? Thanks to Smoky being able to run the wire through the pipes, communications were maintained and casualties were prevented.

Smoky would then go on to live out the rest of their life as America’s first service dog, providing returning soldiers some much-needed emotional support after their combat tours.


Some dogs have even been true combat heroes. Bomb detection dogs like Lucca have routinely risked their lives true protect service members from IED’s in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lucca managed to find over 40 bombs and insurgents during her many tours in Afghanistan. On her last mission, she even sacrificed a limb protecting her comrades in arms. Don’t worry though. She was back on her feet in ten days and is happily retired with her owner.

Sgt. Stubby

No list of canine heroes would be complete without Sgt. Stubby, the first dog to carry an official rank and awards in US military history. That’s right. The “Sgt.” in Sgt. Stubby’s name was not decorative. Stubby was officially recognized as a sergeant via their actions in combat during WWI. Stubby aided soldiers by alerting them of incoming artillery fire, locating and assisting wounded warriors, and at one time even subduing a German soldier until help could arrive.

Celebrate Our K9 Heroes

My Hero Crate is here to help you help our heroes by sending them much-needed care packages. The bad news is, we don’t offer much for dogs to enjoy. The good news is, our sister site Happy Pet Crate has everything you need! Why not celebrate K9 Vet Day by sending a K9 vet a great gift, such as a Good Dog Gift Box to thank them for their service. After all, being dogs doesn’t make them any less of a hero!